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Price range

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Body Material

  • Stainless Steel

Box Contains

  • 1. Total Control Hand Blender 650watt motor with attached power cord 2. 1 x reversible coarse grating/slicing disk 3. 1 x reversible fine grating/slicing disk 4. 1 x chopping blade 5. Stainless steel blending leg 6. 750ml blending beaker 7. 1 x workcentre 8. IB
  • 1. Total Control Hand Blender 650watt motor with cable attached 2. Stainless Steel blending leg 3. 3 x chopping vessels and lids 4. 2 x smoothie and shake vessels and lids 5. 1 x 750ml blending beaker 6. IB
  • 1. Total Control Hand Blender 650watt motor with power cord attached 2. Stainless steel blending leg 3. 750ml blending beaker 4. IB
  • 1. Total Control Hand Blender Pro 650watt motor with cord attached 2. 1 x potato masher 3. 1 x whisk 4. 1 x chopping vessel 5. Stainless Steel blending leg 6. 750ml blending beaker 7. Chopping vessel lid 8. IB

Color Family

  • White

Package Dimension(l*b*h) in mm

  • 186*154*246
  • 260*250*246
  • 268*260*246
  • 344*284*246

Power Watts

  • 650

Product Guarantee

  • 2 years

Product Weight

  • 1600 Grams
  • 2000 Grams
  • 2100 Grams
  • 980 Grams

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results

Buy Morphy Richards Hand Blender Online at Best Price in India

Enjoy portability

Immersion blenders or hand blenders as they are called, are popular for their ease of use and flexibility, offering a certain portability. These are ergonomically designed to fit in the grip of your hand and are easy to manoeuvre. As the name suggests, they can literally be immersed inside a pot, pan, bowl or beaker containing food. Saving you the hassle of hauling out your tabletop blender from your kitchen cabinet. So instead of the food entering your blender, here it is your hand blender that immerses into the food. Now that’s neat.

Process larger batches efficiently

While a tabletop blender allows working in small, multiple batches, an immersion blender allows you to work on the whole volume of food in the pot, and mix it all at once. Saving you energy and time.

Give your soups, broths, dals, smoothies, and mayonnaise a rich and thick, soft and smooth, silky and velvety texture using Morphy Richards hand blenders. Transform the consistency and look of your cooking to elevate it several notches up.

Do more with Morphy Richards hand blenders

It’s challenging to live life without attachments. Especially in the kitchen! Morphy Richards hand blenders are available with various attachments such as a whisk for beating eggs and making fluffy batters, a chopper for dry/wet grinding, and a measuring beaker for blending purpose.

A name synonymous with trust

Morphy Richards carries with it 80 years of unwavering trust reposed by millions of delighted customers across the world. Enjoy uninterrupted performance with thoughtful and safety features that are unrivalled in its category.